Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Lost in Saskatchewan!

My grandmother's brother, Donald Munro born 1877 in Urquhart, Ross-shire to Hughina Munro (1852-1951) and William Munro (1844-1894) was helping his father, William, and was out on the links (now Golspie Golf Course) checking the sheep. It is said that Donald sent the two sheep dogs home and left Golspie on a coal boat that was docked at Little Ferry. Donald seemingly ended up in Saskatchewan, Canada, however, no definitive records have been found to confirm this. The only evidence that he may have been in Melfort, Saskatchewan was from his brother Duncan's obituary from 1947. The most annoying thing is that I lived in Edmonton, Alberta for 13 years, but had no interest in family history then, although my mother always told me we had relatives in Saskatchewan!!!!!!! He is one of my "must find more information" relatives.

Do you know what happened to William Munro? Any help most welcome.Shirley, Golspie