Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sutherland House, Inchcape, Rogart

Following on to our article on Inchcape, Rogart, I have received this photograph of the original old Sutherland home at Inchcape from Canada.

Angus Sutherland wrote:
"The James Sutherland you mentioned who had a stone house was my great grandfather, or possibly another 'great' or two in there. There were several James's in my family.
My wife and I were at Inchcape two years ago (we live in Canada) and visited my relative (a much younger cousin to my grandfather, who came to Canada in 1911). The photos attached include the house she lives in (right beside the chalets, which were built, I believe, by her nephew) and 'the old house', (photo above) apparently the place where my grandfather and previous generations were born and raised.
A family tradition says that the same James mentioned above was approached by the factor and told to leave, but he hauled the factor off his horse and told him in no uncertain terms (possibly with a beating) that he had better not show his face around there again. The note that he had a stone house (the one photographed, I am told) was made by the factor as a way of explaining why he had not removed James Sutherland.

My grandfather, Angus Sutherland, was born in 1886 at Inchcape, but was raised in part at Bonarbridge, came here in 1911 and fathered a family of four, not including a still-birth. Those four have between them 16 children and quite a few grandchildren, with a couple of great-grandchildren now. Three of the four still live, aged 86, 84 (my father), and 75. A cousin of mine is working hard on a family tree and is in touch with other relatives still in Scotland or in England. Your website encouraged me to write about my fascination with Inchcape".

Thank you Angus for writing in.