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Peter Murray [1778-1875] married Elizabeth Murray [1/12/1795-1898]

Peter (Patrick) at Dalfeasaig, Rogart, is a son of John Murray and his wife Janet of Rogart.
Elizabeth (Elspat) of Rhiske, Kildonan, is a daughter of Alexander Murray and Chirstina Sutherland.

The marriage took place in Kildonan on 3rd November 1814. The Reverend Sage officiated (OPR).

Peter and Elizabeth spent the first years of their marriage in Kildonan before leaving for Nova Scotia in 1819. Whyte’s directory records Peter working as a farmer in Earltown, Colchester County in 1820 (WHY10063). It is known that they settled west of Earltown Village overlooking the community. Peter was a bonesetter and his descendants are known by the nickname ‘bonesetter’.

They had the following children:
JOHN MURRAY, born 6 May 1816 Rhiske, Kildonan (OPR)
ALEXANDER MURRAY, born 15 May 1817 Rhiske, Kildonan (OPR) [died 1890 Nova Scotia] [married Christina Murray]
CHRISTY MURRAY, born 1821 Nova Scotia [married Alexander Mackay]
JANET MURRAY, born ? [died infant] (GM/NS)
JOHN MURRAY, born 1826 [died 1917 bachelor]
DONALD MURRAY, born 1828 [married Jane Sutherland]
ELLEN MURRAY, born 1831 [died 1908] [married John Sutherland]
ANGUS MURRAY, born 1832 [died infant]
male child, born 1834 [died infant]
WILLIAM MURRAY, born 1835 [died 1862]
ROBERT MURRAY, born 1837 [died 1906] [married Lydia Mackay]

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