Monday, February 29, 2016

Robert Campbell

I have been researching my great grandmother's family from Melvich, Farr (used to be classified as Reay, Caithness).  Elizabeth (Bessie) and Robert Campbell emigrated to Australia under the Island and Highland Emigration Scheme in 1853.  Their sister Janet (Jessie) emigrated around 1860. Their parents were Williamina and Colin Campbell.  Colin and Williamina were married in Farr, Sutherland in 1819. They had eleven children, all born in Reay, Caithness.  In the 1841 census the family are living in Melvich and Colin is listed as a fisherman.  In 1851 Colin is listed as a crofter.  In 1861 Williamina is listed as a fisherman's widow.  Williamina died in 1862 and her parents are listed as Hugh Campbell and Jane Sutherland.
I live in Ballarat (Victoria, Australia) where Robert mined for gold.  Unfortunately he was tragically killed in a mining accident on August 6th 1861 and is buried in the Ballarat Old Cemetery.  His sister Elizabeth or Bessie is also buried with him and the reference "Our Mother" on the tombstone is for her. Elizabeth lived in Ballarat until she was 80 and died in 1904,  She married John Hampson and they had nine daughters.  I was excited to find the stone and facinated by the wording with it's reference to Sutherlandhshire.
I am sending a photograph of the stone which has been damaged and is on the ground.
It would be lovely to trace any family still living in the area and any information would be appreciated.
Kind regards,
Rosalie Darby