Wednesday, August 8, 2007

DOUGLAS & MACKAY, Rogart & Lairg

Here are my ancestors:
Great Grandmother, Hannah DOUGLAS born c.1826 Rogart married John Ross, Aberdeen 1852, died Aberdeen 15 03 1858
Hannah and John had 2 sons born Aberdeenshire, John Murray Ross 1852 and James Douglas Ross 1855.

Hannah parents;
James DOUGLAS born c 1769. IGI records show a JAMES DOWGLASS born Rogart, father William Dowglass - this could be the James above but I have no records to prove that.
Mother BARBARA MACKAY born 15 06 1779, died Aberdeen 02 09 1863.

James and Barbara married 02 01 1802 at Lairg. James was living in ACHNALUACHRACH Rogart at the time of the marriage.

Barbara's parents were:
Adam Mackay born c 1746 Pitaiksie, Lairg, father Hugh Mackay and Mary Murray born c 1750 - as yet no more information. Adam was stated as being from Gruids Lairg, they married 1769 I believe.
Their children all born Lairg were:
Ann born 1770 - married William Ross - died 1862 at Birichen, Dornoch
Isabel born 1772
Christian born 1775
Janet born 1777
Barbara born 1779
Hugh born 1782 - married Janet Ross - died 1862 Gruids

Barbara and James Douglas had the following children all born Rogart:
Marrion born 1803 - died Aberdeen a spinster
Mary born 1806 - married George Sutherland from Golspie 1830 in Aberdeen - died Aberdeen 1901. I have a fair bit of their history if anyone is interested, from an ancestor, Alex Wood. It was stated on their marriage certificate that Mary's father James was deceased. I have not found his death certificate as yet.
Alexander born 1810 married Agnes Clark Aberdeen 1839. I have many census records of Alex. They did not appear to have children. I don't have his death date as yet. He died between the 1891/1901 census. Alex was witness on his mother Barbara's death certificate.
Ann born 1812
Isobel born 1814
Christian born 1816
Dorothy born 1818
John born 1821
Hannah circa 1826

I have numerous census of Barbara and some of her daughters. All living in Aberdeen. It appears this family either together, or after one another moved, to Aberdeen from 1827 onwards. I found most of them in the 1841 census there.

This seems to be a lot of information to plod through but hopefully someone sees something that is familiar and I too, can move on. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Christina Ross, Victoria, Canada