Sunday, August 26, 2007

John Matheson & Isabella Mackenzie

I am researching the family of John MATHESON (crofter) and Isabella McKENZIE of Evelix, Dornoch.
Isabella (Isobel) MATHESON born 1787. Baptism 1 March 1787 - born Skelbo, Dornoch. Looking for more information.
John MATHESON born 1789. Baptism 13 July 1789 in Skelbo, Dornoch. Possibly married Ann McKENZIE 12.1.1811, in Dornoch.
Children :
Ann born 4.11.1821 Dornoch
Alexander born 3.4.1818 Dornoch
Other children born to John and Isabella MATHESON:
Margaret c 1782 married Alexander McKAY and had 6 children (Anne, John, Angus, Lilias, Margaret, George)
Anne MATHESON born 6.11.1784 married Lachlin SUTHERLAND s/o Alexander Sutherland and Lillie McIntosh. They had 10 known children (Isabella, Lilly(12.7.1809) , Alex, John, Ann, George, Lachlin( 24.9.1823), Margaret, Muina (20.5.1830), Willina, (20. 5.1830) all born Dornoch.
This family left Scotland for Zorra Township, Ontario, Canada before 1835. (This information from Lynn Munro, Ontario, Scotland)
Alexander MATHESON c 1796 married Marian/Merran MURRAY of Embo, Dornoch (daughter of John MURRAY and Jane MACKAY (19.5.1827). They had 7 children (John (15.8.1828) Thomas(17.2. 1830) Isabel (15.10.1832) Donald (25.11.1835) Alexander (17.11.1836) Betty (14.4.1839), Jean/Jane (10.12.1841);THOMAS married Catherine MURRAY, daughter of Angus MURRAY and Elizabeth (Bessy) MUNRO 15.10.1857 in Dornoch. They emigrated to Dunedin, New Zealand on 28.10.1857 departing from London on the "Palmyra".
Any information would be much appreciated. In particular there is a big gap in the children - ie from Margaret c1782, Ann 1784, Isobel 1787, John 1789 and then 7 years until Alexander in 1796 - wondered if there could be a possibility of there being more children in that 7 year period. Any information most welcome.
ThanksZelda Matheson,
New Zealand