Sunday, August 19, 2007


My main Sutherland interests are the families of two brothers, John and William MACKAY of Kildonan, sons of John MACKAY and Catherine SUTHERLAND. I would like to identify other siblings if there were any.

John MACKAY and JANET MURRAY: My line descends from John MACKAY who married Janet MURRAY in Tuarie (or Tuaraidh) , Kildonan in 1805. Janet's parentage comes from the following excerpt taken from 'Memorabilia Domestica' p. 99. I have little info on this MURRAY/CORBET family. Can anyone help?

A family named Murray, lived at the place of Tuaraidh, Kildonan. The head of the family was Alexander (Alister) Murray, one of Captain Baigrie’s sub-tenants, as indeed he had been of his predecessor, Major Sutherland of Midgarty, who held Tuaraidh as a Highland pendicle to Midgarty. Murray’s wife was a sister of Barbara Corbet, my nurse...”.

John and Janet seem to have been uprooted repeatedly as their first seven children were born in Preschon (John 1806, Janet 1807), Achrintle (Alexander 1809, William 1811, Barbara 1812), Learable (James 1813) and Achentoul (Donald 1816) before the 1819 Clearances. At that time they settled in the township of Roster in Latheron Parish, Caithness and had two more sons, Robert in 1820 and Andrew in 1822.

There is more info on these families on my Tribal Pages website:
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