Friday, August 3, 2007

MURRAY, Clyne & MACKAY, Rogart

My main research interests are in Clyne and Rogart.
Researching in Clyne.
Andrew MURRAY b.c. 1770/Christy BRUCE b.c. 1770 had three children:-
William MURRAY b.c. 1795 married Catherine MACLEOD b.c. 1790
James MURRAY b.c. 1797 married Ann GUNN b. 1798
Benjamin Williamson MURRAY b. 1804 married Helen ANDERSON b. 1805
Grant MURRAY b. 1824 son of William and Catherine married Jane Murray b. 1826 daughter of James and Ann [cousins]. They were my G G Grandparents.
Researching in Rogart, Inchcape.
Neil MACKAY b.c. 1762/Christina MATHESON had a son
Alexander MACKAY b.c. 1795 married Ann SUTHERLAND b.c. 1791 and their son
Neil MACKAY b. 1819 married Margaret SUTHERLAND b. 1818 and their son
Alexander MACKAY b. 1846 married Jane MURRAY b. 1834
They were my G Grandparents.
I have got lots of information to share.

Isabella McGregor
Fife, Scotland

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