Sunday, August 5, 2007


I am researching the ROSS family from Lairg, mainly, however, once a family starts being researched it enlarges and many other names come along too.

Jenelle's POLSON family is one that has come along into my family albeit on my Dad's side rather than my Mum's that has the ROSS family.

Some of the families on my Mum's side:
ROSS, Donald - Lairg, Sutherland
MacKAY, Janet - Lairg, Sutherland
CLARKE, John and Nicholas maiden surname Carruthers - Rosehall, Sutherland
ARMSTRONG, Joseph Gordon - Creich, Sutherland
DINGWALL, Kennethina, parents Niel and Merran maiden surname MacLeod - Durness, Sutherland
MacKAY, Alexander -
FRASER, Margaret, parents Charles and Jessie maiden surname ROSS - Scotland
MacDONALD, Annie, parents Murdoch and Henrietta maiden surname MATHERSON - Lairg, Sutherland

then on my Dad's side:
POLSON, Angus Sutherland - Marrel, Sutherland
MURRAY, Elspeth - Rogart, Sutherland

Jeni Simpson Christchurch, Aotearoa/New Zealand

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