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This is a photo of my great grandmother, Hughina Munro, ms Macdonald, born 1852 in Durness, died 1951 in Golspie. She had 11 brothers and sisters and 10 children of her own, 3 sons who died in or as a result of WW1.
These are the folk I am researching:

MACDONALD, Archibald b. 1804? Ross and Cromarty? d. 1886, Durness m. MACKENZIE, Chirsty b. 1810 Assynt d. 1889 Durness - children:
MACDONALD, Johana born. Durness. 1831-1907
MACDONALD, Alexander born Durness 1834
MACDONALD, Mary born Durness 1834
MACDONALD, Isabella born Durness 1835
MACDONALD, Donald born Durness 1839
MACDONALD, Fairly born Durness 1841
MACDONALD, Kenneth born Durness 1843-1862
MACDONALD, Duncan born Durness 1844
MACDONALD, John born Durness 1848-1905
MACDONALD, Eric born Durness 1850-1862
MACDONALD, Hughina born Durness 1852-1951 (g.grandmother)
MACDONALD, Mary Belle born Durness 1855
Any information on Archibald Macdonald b. 1804 (differing dob and place of birth - so very hard to track down)

MUNRO, Donald b. 1807 Tongue, Sutherland d. 1884 married MACKENZIE, Jannet (Jessie) b. 1815 Durness d. 1909 Casheldhu - children:
MUNRO, Margaret b. 1841 d 1912 Casheldhu
MUNRO, Eslpie b. Durness 1843
MUNRO, William b. 1844 Durness d. 1894 Golspie (g.grandfather)
MUNRO, Jemima b. 1847
MUNRO, Dolina b. 1851
MUNRO, Isabella b. 1853
MUNRO, Kennethina b. 1857
MUNRO, William b.1844 m. 1873 MACDONALD, Hughina b. 1852 Durness d. 1851 Golspie - children:

MUNRO, Christina Isabella b. 1873 Tongue
MUNRO, Angusina b. 1876 Cromarty
MUNRO, Donald b. 1877 Urquhart, Ross and Cromarty (Saskatchewan? )
MUNRO, Jessie Mackenzie b. 1880 Durness
MUNRO, Archibald b. 1881 Durness d. 1923 Chicago, Ill. USA
MUNRO, Eppie b. 1884 Golspie
MUNRO, Mary b. 1886 Golspie d. 1952 Golspie (grandmother)
MUNRO, Duncan b. 1888 Golspie d. 1947 d. 1947 Crosby, ND. USA
MUNRO, William b. 1891 Tain d. 1916 d. France
MUNRO, John Alexander b. 1893 Golspie d. 1917 d. FranceSearching for more info. on
MUNRO, Archibald b. 1881 and
MUNRO, Donald b. 1877

MACKAY, Donald b. 1811 m. 11 Jun 1836 to GORDON, Ann
MACKAY, William (Ploughman at Meikle Creich, Bonar-1880) Birth: 1845 Death: 1911 Golspie Marriage: 25 May, 1880 to MACPHERSON, Jane
MACPHERSON, Duncan b. 1805 in Rogart m. MACKAY, Ann b. 1807 in Golspie
MACPHERSON, Jane b. 1851 (Spinster, Merchant's Daughter, Pittentrail, Rogart - 1880)MACKAY, William b. 1845 and MACPHERSON, Jane b. 1851children:
MACKAY, Ann b.1881 Golspie (no info)
MACKAY, Donald Alexander b. 11 Feb. 1883 Golspie
MACKAY, Duncan b.1885 Golspie d.1961 Golspie (grandfather)
MACKAY, William George b. 1887 Golspie d. 1914-18 France?
MACKAY, John Sturrock b. 13 May, 1889 Golspie d. 1 Apr. 1890
MACKAY, John Sturrock b. 1892 (Sep.1959 lived at 19 Victoria Street, St. Catherine's, Ontario) (need info)
MACKAY, Robert Soutar b. 1894 Golspie d. Mar. 1898

Any connection to any of the above would be great.

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