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Kenneth McKenzie married Elspet MacKay sometime around 1800 (can find no record), they went on to have seven children. From Malcolm's list from the Sutherland Estate papers for 1830 it lists under MacKenzie, Widow, Brachu of Morness, (Rogart) left in party of seven 1830, so Kenneth died between 1819 and 1830.
On the 1901 census a daughter Margaret is listed as emigrating in 1830, she was born 1819 in Morness, as were all the children. On the 1851 census for her son Alexander and his family, she is listed as widow age 80. There is a burial for the Old Log Church cemetery (Ontario), In Memory of Elizabeth wife of Kenneth McKENZIE who died July 14, 1856 aged 69 years. Now that age sure isn't correct, but wonder how long it was after her death that a stone was put up. There is an Alexander McKenzie buried beside her which I believe to be her son. I have no information on these two prior to 1800 in Rogart.
NOW - the Sutherland side - know even less. Alexander Sutherland married Elspet MacKay (yes they each married an Elspet MacKay) can find no marriage. I have a Catherine born 1795 in Torised, nothing more on her. Weymess born 1800 in Torriside. I don't know if this one belongs or not as Janet was baptised Nov 8 1804 in Rovy but on the same page of the OPR their is a son not named (believed to be Hugh) Dec 26th at Torsaid. Were there two Alexander Sutherlands that each married an Elspet MacKay? Quite possible.
We know that Weymess and Hugh came on to Canada, Weymess now being called William W. Hugh Sutherland (unnamed Sutherland) married Christina McKenzie somewhere around 1830 and had at least one son born in Melness in 1831, wonder if they took over the croft after Elspet and family headed to Canada in 1830.
This may/may not be the same Hugh -
taken from the Sutherland Estate Papers for Rogart - List of Emigrants - thanks to Dr. Malcolm Bangor-Jones, SUTHERLAND Hugh, Craggybeg, left in party of ten 1831. If this is the same Hugh then why does it say Craggybeg? A daughter Margaret was born to the above Hugh and Christy abt. 1832 in Canada. Taken from correspondence from John MacDonald to Jean Hammond. Craggybeg, Morness, West Langwell are all districts of our upper parish, still lived in. West Langwell was not touched by the evictions, not being under the Sutherland estates. Craggy became very heavy populated when people were cleared of strath Brora. Morness was something like Langwell, left alone.There were a lot of Sutherlands in these places.
Now for a stretch of the imagination on Alexander Sutherland. I have found an Alexander Sutherland married to an Isabel Grant from Golspie, again cannot find any marriage. They turn up in the 1841 and 1851 census with a family living around Achnaluachrach on one and West Langwell on another, but both areas are on the same page. By 1861 Alexander is not there, and can find no death for him from 1855. Bell died in 1881 age 86 at West Langwell widow of Alexander, with parents of Robert Grant, dec and Catherine Grant, MS Grant, dec. Now my question. Could this be the same Alexander that was married to Elspet MacKay, and he fudged his age a bit? Am wondering if the first wife died and he found this Isabel Grant (Golspie according to census) to help with the children. We know that Hugh and Christy's fifth daughter was called Grant - maybe after her.
On the death certificate of one of Grant's sons her name is listed as Mary (Grant) Sutherland, and the informant was my grandmother and the doc was her nephew, but that is the only reference to that name and everything else just lists her name as Grant. I know this is a stretch of the imagination, but welcome any thoughts.

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