Friday, August 3, 2007


John Henderson & Catherine Polson had a son Gordon Henderson born 1796 in Kildonan. Gordon Henderson married Christy Bruce in Loth in 1824, daughter of Adam Bruce & Charlotte McLeod. Gordon Henderson & Christy Bruce had 3 sons, John, George & Gordon, all born in Loth.

George & Gordon married sisters, Betsy & Peggy Bruce, daughters of William Bruce & Jannet Gunn of Kildonan. William Bruce (born 1790s) was the son of Alexander Bruce & Margaret Sutherland & his wife Jannet Gunn (born 1790s) was the daughter of Donald Gunn & Esther Sutherland - all from Loth & Kildonan parish except Esther Sutherland who was from Caithness.

George Pope Henderson & wife Betsy Bruce - shown in photograph on left - emigrated to Ontario, Canada in 1871. Have lots of info to share. Always looking for someone else connected to these families.

Regards to all.
North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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