Friday, August 3, 2007

SUTHERLAND in Loth & Kildonan

Still trying to establish the relationship between Esther SUTHERLAND born about 1771 in Loth and Donald SUTHERLAND (c.1767-1858), son of John SUTHERLAND and Betty SUTHERLAND of Kildonan in Kildonan Parish.
The 1851 census of Kildonan, Parish of Kildonan, describes Esther as "sister-in-law" to head of household Donald SUTHERLAND, retired gamekeeper, (wife Rose GORDON died 1849).
Donald's known siblings, as noted in Memorabilia Domestica, are John who married Catherine GRANT (Ian Meadhonach), John who went to Caithness (Ian Beg) and Cairstean. The 1851 census remains my only real clue to Esther's existence.

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Frances Bishop, Canada

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