Saturday, August 4, 2007


I am interested in Angus MacKay (1789-1871) and his wife Jean (Jane) Sutherland (1791-1880), who were cleared from Kildonan in 1813 and departed for the Lord Selkirk’s fledgling Red River colony on the Prince of Wales that same year. They left the Red River in June 1815 and ultimately settled in Aldborough Township, Elgin County, Ontario.

Angus was the son of the Catechist Donald MacKay and his family, as described in Memorabilia Domestica. Jean was the daughter of John (Ian Meadhonach) Sutherland and Catherine Grant, again as mentioned by Sage.

I have been researching their clearance and subsequent travels in depth and have almost finished a Powerpoint slide show on them, which I intend to present to our genealogy society in Ottawa next February. I then plan to write a self-published book on Kildonan, and its culture and history up to the Clearances, incorporating the Angus and Jean’s “adventures” on their journey and ultimate settlement in Aldborough.

David Thomas


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