Friday, August 10, 2007

SUTHERLAND, MURRAY in Clyne & Kildonan

Greetings from New Zealand. I very much value this group as it has facilitated a connection with a descendant of my Helmsdale family who lives in Australia. I have also had a number of important links completed with advice and information from other members. Thank you so much everyone, it gives me a wonderful sense of belonging to this distant place – home of many of my ancestors. I have a deep sense of yearning to visit the places that “my people” walked and am looking forward to visiting Scotland in the near future.

My interests are

William SUTHERLAND born abt. 1768 – Clyne and his wife Anne MURRAY (nothing known)

Their son – Hector SUTHERLAND born 17 Apr 1808, Ardochie, Clyne – died 15 Aug 1887, Helmsdale
Hector’s wife – Jane McGREGOR born abt 1816, Wick – died 29 Mar 1899, Helmsdale

Hector and Jane had 10 children.
My family line is descended from Alexander Sutherland born April 1841 in Helmsdale – died in NZ – has zillions of descendants
He maintained contact with his brother William McGregor Sutherland who died rich and famous in Australia but whose line has died out.

I am very keen to follow the rest of the family and particularly would like to know whether some of this Sutherland line remain in Helmsdale.
Charlotte Sutherland born 11 Jun 1836 in Helmsdale – looking for more details
John Sutherland born 6 Sep 1842 in Helmsdale – looking for more details
Anne Sutherland born 1845 in Helmsdale – unmarried in 1891 so probably died without descendants
Margaret Sutherland born 1851 in Helmsdale – looking for more details
Donald Sutherland born 1853 in Helmsdale – looking for more details
Three of the other siblings died without descendants

Thank you again to all of the members and the wonderful contribution made by Christine Stokes. You’re fantastic!

New Zealand
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