Friday, August 3, 2007


Hi, my interests in Sutherlandshire are limited to 19th century Golspie town. My mob were masons (2 brothers, sister and father) arrived in Golspie around 1800, built the town and then the next generation left (Australia, England, Bonar Bridge, ???). Family legend has it that my g-etc-father carved the head for the statue on Ben Braghie - maybe?

Although the clearances had no direct impact on my family I do find the general history fascinating and occasionaly there is an article relevant to Golspie. I rarely contribute as my mob only spent 1 generation in Sutherland. I will be visiting Golspie in September (inshallah).

I have long ago got as far as I am likely to get on the "whom begat whom" and are now more interested in the socio-economic history.
The photograph above is of my great great grandfather, John Ross, taken about 1870. John was born in Golspie in 1840, did an apprenticeship at Dunrobin Castle as a gardener, worked for a couple of years in Dumfrieshire before moving to Australia in 1863. He was head gardener at Ballarat Hospital, Australia, from 1865 until he retired at age 85 in 1926.

Neil North,
Perth, Oz

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