Sunday, August 5, 2007

GRANT, FORSYTH, MACKAY in Dornoch & Creich

I am researching the family of Roderick GRANT b abt 1889 at Dornoch, Sutherland. (perhaps the son of Robert GRANT & Isobel FORSYTH - perhaps the daur of Roderick FORSYTH).

He married Elizabeth MacKay July 27, 1820 (Dornoch). Elizabeth MacKAY was born abt 1800 (1851 Canadian Census).

Their sons:
Alexander GRANT b 1824 - CREICH
Robert GRANT b1828 - DORNOCH
Roderick GRANT b 1837 - Ontario, CANADA

In 1830, this family immigrated to Canada. They settled in Eldon TWP. Victoria County, Ontario. Many GRANT family graves are in Kirkfield cemetery (Eldon Twp) also the Old Stone Church - Beaverton. Roderick was listed as a Yeoman on the 1851 Canadian census. I am interested in history about Roderick's ancestry and anyone who may be related to the Eldon GRANTs who immigrated.

I have been in touch with a person who is a descendant of Mary GRANT, sister of Roderick GRANT - children of Robert GRANT & Isobel FORSYTH. Mary GRANT remained in Scotland while Roderick emigrated to Canada.
Michele Crawford
Kirkfield, Ontario

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