Saturday, August 4, 2007

SIMPSON, TOUGH, MACDONALD, MACKAY in Eddrachillis, Lairg & Rogart

Hello, These are the folks and places that I'm researching.

The TOUGH line originated from Stirling - William TOUGH (b.1794 d.1880) m. Lillias CULLEN (b. c1793 d. 1880).
The SIMPSON line came to Scourie, Eddrachillis from Tain, Ross & Cromarty - Alexander SIMPSON (b. c1774 d.1863); Fa: Alexander SIMPSON m. Elizabeth CLARKE (b. c1775 d.1855; parents were Alexander CLARKE and Elizabeth ROSS).
John SIMPSON, (b.1808 d.1888; Tain, Ross and Cromarty and Eddrachillis) was the son of Alexander SIMPSON and Elizabeth CLARKE. He married Ann Cullen TOUGH (b. ~ 1824 Gargunnock, Stirling; d. 1903 Nairn). Their children include John SIMPSON (b. 12 May 1853; Scourie, d. 1918 Balmoral, Manitoba, Canada) who married Catherine MACDONALD (b. 1853 m.10 Feb 1882; Scourie, d. 1932 Balmoral, Manitoba, Canada).
The MACDONALD/MACKAY line from Lairg (Torroble) Donald MACDONALD (?--bef. 1851) m. Marion MACKAY (b. ~ 1778 d.1870; Fa: William MACKAY, Mo: Jane MATHESON).
Children: Donald (b. ~ 1803 d.1888), William (b.~ 1805 d.1880) and Jane (b. ~ 1805 d.1891).
I'm currently trying to determine when/where Donald MACDONALD died, I have not been able to locate this family definitively on the 1841 census. His wife is listed in the 1851 Census (house no. 23; Torroble, Parish of Lairg) as a widow and lotter.
Alexander MACKAY (b. ~ 1779 d.1872 East Langwell, Rogart; Fa.Alexander, Mo: Christina) m. Catharine MACKAY (b. 1788 d.1866; Fa.William).
Children include Merran Mackay (b. 1816 (Langwell, Rogart) d. 1865(Scourie) who married Donald MACDONALD (b. 1803 (Lairg) d.1888(Scourie), son of Donald MACDONALD above).
Any information on connections to these families would be welcome.
Donna Marie Bilkovic
Virginia, USA

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