Saturday, August 11, 2007


I have two main families in Sutherland County: MacKay and McDonald.
My first known ancestor in the MacKay family was William MacKay born ca 1789/90 and married Barbara Macpherson b ca 1792 d/o Robert Macpherson tenant in Islandrier who married Janet Calder d/o John Calder. William and Barbara lived at Alt na Calliche in Durness.
William and Barbara were evicted ca 1820 and made their way south to Rogart parish. Their children were: Neil, Robert, Alexander, John, William Barbara and Jesse.
Neil married Marion /Merrion Macdonald of Blarich and they lived at 24 Ardachue, Rogart parish. These are my ancestors. Alexander 1824-1902, married May/Mary Robb 1833-1911, their daughter Barbara who also married a MacKay, George, who was a porter at the Rogart railway station and their family emigrated to Edmonton, Alberta. Their daughter Barbara found me on the internet and now I have additional 'Mackay family' to add to the already rather large lot of people of Sutherland County.
For the McDonald Family, Peter Dillon of New Zealand is active in searching for (and finding) and correcting our past findings. He has a great website devoted to this family...... We still do not know who Ann(e) Ross was that married Angus McDonald sometime in or around 1771 nor Elisabeth Anderson who married their eldest son, Finlay/Phillip b 1774 and begat a rather large family.... The most recent mystery revolves around the baptism of some of the children: of Ann and Angus -- their first is listed as Margaret McDonald McCoirl christened 17 Nov 1771 in Auldebreck, Lairg parish. She died 12 Nov 1856 at Rhianbreck, Lairg and another daughter Catherina (Kett) McDonald or McCoirl was christened on 26 Sept 1787 in Brecklead, Lairg. Then Hugh McDonald or McCoril christened 19 April 1791 in Brecklead and died 23 June 1867 in Nova Scotia, Canada. The rest are plain McDonald. The McCoirl is a big mystery to everyone.....
Any ideas?
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