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My Sutherland interests are in the name POLSON and I am interested in all connections to this name. I have a large portfolio of families with this name and have pieced together several relationships.

My direct family line come from Marrel, near Helmsdale. My great great greatgrandparents were Murdoch Polson and Catherine Sutherland. Their eldest son James Polson and his wife Flora McKenzie inherited the Marrel croft and then it passed to their youngest son William Polson and his wife Annie Allan. William and Annie had 7 children. Their great grandson Walter Mackay still lives in Golspie. He has a coalyard.

James and Flora Polson had nine children, two of whom (John and Catherine) came to New Zealand. John married Christina Ross from West Helmsdale, daughter of Rhoderick Ross and Christy McIntosh. They came to NZ separately and married in Christchurch. They lived in the Tarras area of Central Otago and had a family of 9 children. They are my great grandparents.

Catherine married Murdoch Bruce, also in New Zealand. They lived at Seadowns, near Ashburton and had a family of 12 children.

James Polson's younger brother was Alexander Polson who married Elizabeth Sutherland. They lived at Marrel and had a family of 4 daughters.

Any information about POLSON families from Sutherland is always appreciated.

Invercargill, New Zealand
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