Sunday, August 19, 2007


My main interests are descendants of

1.William SUTHERLAND and Ann McLEOD of Ballenladen, Strath Brora, Clyne. (They were evicted from there to Badnellan and West Clynelish -possibly via Ladies Loch.) no dates but earliest recorded child George born 1766

2.William ANDERSON and ANN SUTHERLAND of Badnellan. Oldest child Ann born 1794 (several in group related to this family)

3. ALEXANDER McLEOD and Janet GORDON of Badnellan a son Alexander born c 1781

4. Any families from the eviction townships in Strathbrora.

Most of this interest is confined to Clyne as my lot stayed very local or went to all the way to Canada/USA

Grant Forsyth

Fife, Scotland