Thursday, August 9, 2007

MUNRO, MACKAY & MACINTYRE in Dornoch & Clyne

Alexander MUNRO, born 1817 in Dornoch, son of Donald Munro (Achintresalich, Embo, Dornoch) and Catharine Mackay (Evelix) married in 1791. Moved to Brora, Clyne (Gower Street) as Cartwright, Fishcurer, General Merchant. Married Harriet Macintyre (Drum****, Golspie) 1861. Younger daughter Henrietta was my grandmother.
Alexander’s siblings in Dornoch included 1794 Donald, 1796 John, 1801 William, 1805 James, 1806 Joseph, 1810 George, 1814 Marion and 1820 Joseph. Information to share but need help with gaps pre 1791 ancestors and also Donald, Joseph and George.

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