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MACDONALDS of Newland & Armadale, Farr

William MacDonald of Newland, Farr
was born about 1766 according to age listed on tombstone in South Ronaldsay, Orkney, place unknown. The 1821 and 1841 census of South Ronaldsay both list him as born out of County (Orkney). He married Elizabeth MacKay who also is only listed on census above and again states born out of County (Orkney). She was born about 1770.

They are found on the 1811 Census of Newland, Sutherland with William MacDonald as head of household and 1 male, 6 females in house. Their children all state they are born in Farr, Sutherland on later censuses.

1. John MacDonald born about 1791, Farr, died April 3, 1868, Kirtomy, Farr - married Margaret MacDonald of Armadale, Farr (my direct line) - photograph on left shows their daughter Jane, my 3 x great grandmother, born June 8, 1817 at Pouleriscaig, Farr.

2. Dorothy MacDonald born about 1796, Farr, died April 13, 1863, Burray, Orkney, she married William Hossack

3. Ann MacDonald born about 1797, Farr, died August 13, 1845, Burray, married James MacDonald of the 93rd regiment

4. Isabella MacDonald born about 1803, Farr, died November 6, 1875, Bruntland, Burray, married James Groundwater

5. Barbara MacDonald born about 1805, Farr, died November 29, 1883, Burray married James Duncan

6. Margaret MacDonald born about 1807, Farr, died March 17, 1886, Lochside, Burray, Orkney, she married John Guthrie

A written history of this family states that all of the above spoke only Gaelic - no English. A family history written by one the daughters above states that the family were Glencoe MacDonald's and moved north as the years went on till they finally ended up in the Orkney, that they had lived in Strathhalladale (Farr) and were cleared three times till they landed at Newland. Finally in 1820 went to the Orkney Islands to live with no croft to go to - had to live in a boat on the bay until they could acquire one.

Any records or verification of the removals of William MacDonald in Strathhalladale would be greatly appreciated.

Thomas MacDonald of Armadale
Thomas MacDonald, born circa 1750, unknown where, died September 15, 1821 at Armadale, Farr. He married Mary Bain who was probably Mary MacKay alias Bain. She is listed in one parish record as Mary MacKay born circa 1757. Her burial stone says Farr. Thomas is listed being with Captain George Sutherland Company which was commanded about August 26, 1779 and disbanded at Fort George in 1783. the births of his children suggest that this was indeed a fact.

Mary emigrated with some of her children to Canada, leaving Armadale March 22, 1836. She is buried in Brucefield, Tuckersmith, Ontario in the MacDonald graveyard, Native of Farr, Sutherland died July 20, 1840.

Their children:

Barbara MacDonald born circa 1775 - place unknown but probably Portskerra, census data says Farr, Sutherland, died August 8, 1860, in Armadale, married George MacKay of Armadale

2. George MacDonald born about 1777, probably Portskerra, died October 27, 1861 at Brucefield, Tuckersmith, Ontario - no suggestion that he was ever married, gravestone says Native of Farr, Sutherland

3. Donald MacDonald, listed as baptized to Thomas and Mary in 1784, of Portskerra, nothing has ever been found on this man

4. Mary MacDonald, supposed twin to Donald, baptized at the same time in 1784 of Portskerra, died December 18, 1872 in Brucefield, Tuckersmith, Ontario, she was married to Hugh MacKay alias McHouston of Armadale

5. John MacDonald born about 1785 probably Portskerra, died in 1831 at Armadale, he was married to Jane Sinclair of Brubster, Caithness

6. Margaret MacDonald born about 1786 at Portskerra, baptism is registered, died sometime between 1845 and 1849 at Kirtomy, Farr, she married John MacDonald son of William of Newland (my direct line)

7. Rupart MacDonald born 1788 Portskerra , baptism is registered, unknown death, married in July, 1835 in Stanley twp, Ontario to Isabella MacDonald, he must have left prior to the rest of the family, seemed to be a colourful character

8. Isabell MacDonald born about 1791 probably Portskerra, unknown death, married to John Munro, they lived in Pouleriscaig, seems they immigrated with rest of family about 1836 but have not been seen since Sutherland, children all were in Ontario

9. Colin MacDonald born August 1792 probably Portskerra, his military papers say he was born near Thurso, at Farr, Caithness, he joined the 79th regiment in May, 1811, later in 1835 became Town Major of Montreal, later in the 1850's he joined the 50th regiment, he died January 9, 1862 in Montreal, he was responsible for bringing most of the family to Canada, including my 3 x grandmother Jane MacDonald, daughter to John and Margaret, he married Elizabeth Gillies

10. Sutherland MacDonald born 1793 probably Portskerra, died Brucefield, Tuckersmith, Ontario, June 7, 1863. Sutherland I dont believe ever married until he came to Ontario, very late in life (1858) to Ann McMillan 40 years his junior, he is buried at the MacDonald graveyard with his mother and brother at Brucefield, Tuckersmith, Native of Farr, Sutherland

There are two more children I am suspect, one is Ann MacDonald who married David Sinclair at Goderich, Ontario in 1843, the witness to the marriage was Sutherland MacDonald, have not found this couple after that and another suspect child is one Peter MacDonald, who's land the MacDonald graveyard is on. He moved/died prior to census that survived for the area, locate him in 1842 there, found children in the church records and his marriage.... ....but prior to 1860 he disappears without trace, he married Ann MacKenzie in 1841 and had at least four children, one male listed in the 1842 assesment, one found in a marriage record by name of Daniel (his children born in Kincardine area), then two baptisms, Elizabeth born Oct 8, 1850, Brucefield, and James MacDonald born April 20, 1858. I am not sure that Peter is a son to Thomas and Mary - he continues to be a huge brick wall.

Happy to share information and to add to it!

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