Friday, August 3, 2007


I am researching:
MUNRO - salmon fishermen in Invernaver, Parish of Farr in the early 1800's, also DUNCANS in the same area.
George MACKAY born 1797 in Farr, Parish of Farr married to a Janet McBeath
McINTOSH - Inchverry, Tongue and McKENZIE at nearby Dionside (Deanside), Tongue

Tom Johnson
Berkshire, UK

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Kent said...

I have Munro ancestors that were living very near to this area in the early nineteenth century. Marcus Munro (1796?-1863) lived his whole life at Achina or Dalcharn (today Bettyhill area), and I understand that his father was a Donald Munro and wife Catherine (surname unknown) who I believe came from a place a few miles upstream on the Naver River. Marcus was my 3G grandfather and he raised six children in the area, many of whom dispersed from Strathnaver through the middle of that century. I would be interested to hear what you know about the fisherman Munro who was at Invernaver which, of course, is just a stone's throw down the road. We may have a connection!