Sunday, August 12, 2007

MACDONALD in Helmsdale, Kildonan

I am quite new to genealogy and have quite a bit of patchy information about family. Anyway I have discovered my MacDonalds have may have originated from Helmsdale, Kildonan. My gggrandfather was James Charles MacDonald (McDonald) who was born in Helmsdale in 1843, married Elizabeth Tait. His daughter Mary Ann, who is my great grandmother, was born about 1867 in Aster Shetland Islands. I also have a list of a list 6 generations of names that are father to son only including the males in my side of the family no siblings. I am interested in finding more info on my MacDonalds.They emigrated to Southland New Zealand in 1865.

Wellington, New Zealand
(ref EM0013)

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